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Practical Process Control Training & Loop Optimisation

Protunerâ„¢32 for Windows


This 6th generation software allows you to see what's going on in your control loops, pinpoint the problems and optimise the process.


The true situation on most plants is unfortunately as follows:

  • Over 85% of regulatory control loops are ineffective in automatic

  • Less than 5% operate properly

  • 50-60% of all loops have equipment and/or design problems


A specialised loop analyser is a necessity if regulatory control systems are to be successfully optimised. Approaching optimisation with the sole idea of tuning is successful in less than 50% of cases because it is essential firstly to analyse the loop, determine the problems that may exist in it, and establish the process dynamics, before the correct tuning can be successfully determined.

The new Protuner 32 software can link into your control systems via OPC, DDE or analogue interfaces. It can record up to 16 channels with high resolution. A host of analysers are integrated as standard, including valve hysteresis, noise, frequency, statistical, and a revolutionary tuning system that caters for nearly all commercial control algorithms. Other highly advanced features include an extremely powerful modelling package, and a loop simulator that allows for testing of control strategies off-line. Documenting of problems is made simple by unique reporting features. The software can run on Windows operating systems.


We are offering a special deal in South Africa and are marketing the Protuner 32 for Windows at easily affordable prices. This means the powerful software package is now brought within reach of even the smallest company using feedback and feedforward regulatory control systems.


For more information contact Michael Brown Control Engineering on email michael.brown@mweb.co.za

or visit www.protuner.com

"Within 6 weeks of purchasing a Protuner we achieved all time record production rates, and have consistently maintained this ever since" - Production Manager of South African continuous processing plant


"We had absolutely no idea whatsoever how badly our loops were performing, until we analysed them with a Protuner" - Instrumentation and Control Manager of one of South Africa's largest paper mills


"We were amazed to find that after properly optimising our base layer loops, we had already achieved over 80% of the objectives we expected to only get with advanced control."
Advanced Control Engineer in large South African chemical plant





"We are busy with an Advanced Process Control project, and again the Protuner is playing a vital role in getting the basic control loops sorted out. I am convinced that the investment in the Protuner has already paid us back many times."
Chief Control Engineer of large South African petrochemical refinery.

“I really enjoyed the training especially the practical session. It was nice to tune loops in a short period of time and yet pick out a lot of issues associated with control elements. I am sure everyone who attended feel the same."
-Senior Process Control Metallurgist on a large copper mine.