Michael Brown Control Engineering CC 

Practical Process Control Training & Loop Optimisation

Training Course Details Part 2


Control techniques for more difficult processes


Length of Course: Two days.


Synopsis: This course concentrates on the more advanced features in the design, testing, simulation, and optimisation for more difficult processes. Lectures, workshops, and demonstrations using the Protuner WPSA software with dynamic simulator, are used to teach the concepts and necessary techniques to successfully optimise control operation in your plant.


Who Should Attend: The course is designed for instrument technicians, and for control and process engineers, who wish to increase their practical knowledge on general, as well as more complex applications of process control.

Note: Delegates must have previously completed the Part 1 course.


Objectives: Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:


  • Recognise and understand all types of even complex process dynamics, and then be able to apply the most appropriate tuning to achieve the best control
  • Make practical use of frequency plots to obtain optimum tuning parameters that meet specific requirements.
  • Implement advanced control concepts such as error squared, adaptive gain, integral only controllers.
  • Optimise the operation of dynamically coupled interactive processes.
  • Implement feedforward dynamic compensators to reduce the effect of load changes by typically an order of magnitude on the controlled variable.
  • Make use of modelling techniques to experiment with various control strategies off-line before employing them on the actual plant.




Basic modelling


Feedforward control


Combined feedforward and feedback control


Coupling and interaction


Decoupling by tuning


Multivariable decouplers


Practical frequency plot basics


Design and tune a controller from a frequency plot


Process dynamics of nearly all process classes


Tuning techniques for difficult classes of processes




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