Michael Brown Control Engineering CC 

Practical Process Control Training & Loop Optimisation



Michael Brown is offering an online control loop optimisation and tuning consultation service.  This is how it works:


1. Michael will loan you the Protuner loop analysis and tuning software for you to install in your own computer, which you will then connect to your control system via an OPC link.

2. One of your own technicians or engineers will operate the system, and share his screen with Michael via a Zoom link.

3. Michael will direct the procedures over the link.

4. A full report will be provided to you after each session.


Several plants in various countries have already taken advantage of this service in troubleshooting and tuning some difficult loops.  Excellent results have been achieved.


Why not take advantage of Michael’s more than 30 years practical experience and expertise in getting your control loops to operate more efficiently?


To learn more and to get a quotation contact Michael at (+27) 82 440 7790 or email him on