Last updated 23 Aug 2018

Details of Training Courses



A. Training courses for non-instrumentation and control personnel


Who should attend: These courses are designed for people who are involved in running a process plant, but are not really familiar with the practical elements of process control, and its potential. They are specifically for people like operators, process engineers and production personnel.


Introduction and appreciation of practical process control


Length of course: One day


A concentrated course held in the client's plant. It serves as an introduction to feedback process control and its application in plants. The course is essentially practical rather than theoretical. Synopsis, Objectives and Topics




Field equipment: Common measuring instruments and control valves


Length of Course: One day

Note: This course is only offered in a client's plant


The course is designed to give non-instrumentation personnel a basic practical understanding of the most common measuring techniques and control valves used in most industrial plants. Topics





B. Training courses for instrumentation and control personnel


Part 1: Trouble shooting and loop tuning


Length of course: Five days - held in the client's plant


This course teaches the fundamentals of practical process control including troubleshooting and optimisation of control systems. Synopsis, Objectives and Topics




Part 2: Control techniques for more difficult processes


Length of course: Two days


This course concentrates on the more advanced features in the design, testing, simulation and optimisation for more difficult processes. Synopsis, Objectives and Topics